Hairstyles for your face shape.

Here we look at the right face shape for a certain hairstyle ? This is something we should consider before choosing a hairstyle. What might look good on one person , will not be as suitable on another person with a different face shape.
The different face shapes include :- Round, Oval, Pear-shaped/Diamond, Heart shaped, Square shape. Someone might have a long/Oblong face and/or a high forehead, these are all things to consider, before choosing a style.

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Square shaped face

People with a Square face should consider to have a haircut that softens up sharp angles and enhances your best feature. The goal of a hairstyle for a square face is to minimize the width.  With a broader jawline, it is also possible that you can opt for side parting but this time with full length locks to match your hairstyle. The locks falling a little bit beyond your chin would veil the face properly from one side, revealing your square toned jawline from the other side……Hairstyles or cuts that do this include:

    • Longer styles including long layers;
    • Center parts;
    • long bob (lob);

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The heart shaped face is distinguished from inverted triangle by the fact the heart-shaped generally has a widow’s peak.

The widest part of the heart shaped face is the forehead, tapering down through the cheekbones and jawline.

  • Pixie cut;
  • Long bangs;
  • Long bob;
  • Deep side part.

Celebrities with this facial shape include: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyra Banks, Mary Kate Olsen, Avril Lavigne, Reese Witherspoon, and Christina Ricci.

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Great hairstyles for this type are:

Oblong shaped
Oblong face
  • Waves and curls;
  • Layers and textures;
  • Bangs;
  • Side sweeps.

The Oblong shaped face is the narrowest face shape, a good cut will widen the face. Texture is a huge one with oblong face shapes…By adding texture to the hair, it will add width to make the face shape more symmetric. “So you can go for any on the list below:-

Oval shaped

The Oval shaped face suits most hairstyles, everyone knows that the oval face is considered close to perfect…… Girls with such face shape can try out any hairstyle they wish, no hairstyle can make their face look terrible. Choosing a hairstyle for an oval face is very easy. You don’t even have to worry about the style. You are free to focus on the hair type and shape of your forehead…..Your perfect choice is an open face haircut that allows you to take advantage of your ideal face shape. Curly Bob’s, Pixie cut and medium length styles are great for an oval shaped face.

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Round face shape
Round shaped face

A long hairstyle will help you make your rounded face look more oval. You can also go for waves and layers that go below the chin. When you have medium hair and a rounded face, a wavy bob haircut should help you achieve a slimmer appearance, remember if you are considering a fringe, that bangs must be edgy, not in a blunt cut and long locks worn on your shoulders, will elongate your face.

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Pear-shaped face
Pear-shaped face
Asymmetrical hairstyle

Pear-shaped face is characterized by a small forehead and a larger chin on its background. A “Pear-shaped face” can consider a “Bob hairstyle” or an elongated version of it. It is important that the entire volume of hair is cut above the cheekbone line, but for people with thick hair, since the bulk of it is still collected in the zone of cheekbones and chin. The correct length is just below the cheekbones. Short haircuts can also be the right choice if they are voluminous, and the length still covers the ears. Such styling can also be combed back or rolled up in wave. Asymmetrical hairstyles are perfect for Pear faces as they minimize extra width and have a nice slimming effect on the face This hairstyle can work on any hair length from long to short as long as you have enough length to wrap it and pin it back to the side of the head.


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