The Solarium/Sunbed controversy

Most Hairdressing salon’s had a Solarium (sunbed) for clients to get the perfect tan…when I owned and operated a Hair salon, it was kitted out with a Sunbed.

They were so popular with everyone…if they didn’t come in for a hair treatment, it was straight to the Solarium. Everyone wanted that instant perfect tan…. Over the years, Solarium’s have become unpopular , due to numbers of people being diagnosed with Melanoma, (skin cancer), which is understandable that they have become so unpopular and now why they are considered a danger, more than a luxury…. Solarium’s are machines that emit intense and damaging levels of UV radiation – up to six times as strong as the midday summer sun..


There is no such thing as a safe tan – whether from the sun or a solarium. Tanning is a sign your skin cells are in a trauma state.

Even if a suntan fades, the damage remains. The more you tan your skin, the greater your risk of skin cancer. If you really want to change your skin tone, try a fake tan as this will not put you at risk of skin cancer. ….Remember, fake tan won’t protect your skin from UV radiation so sun protection will still be needed.

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Research found that 281 melanomas, 43 deaths and 2,572 squamous cell carcinomas were attributable to solarium use in Australia each year, at a cost to the health system of around $3 million.

You can see the sun’s light. You can feel the sun’s heat. But you can’t see or feel the sun’s UV radiation. UV can reach you directly from the sun. It can also be reflected off different surfaces and scattered by particles in the air. Your senses cannot detect UV radiation, so you won’t notice it is all around you and you won’t notice any skin damage until it has been done.

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The sun’s UV radiation is both the main cause of skin cancer and the best natural source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a hormone that controls calcium levels in the blood. It is needed for strong bones, muscles and overall health.

These day’s many people are choosing to book in for regular spray tans, others go the slightly cheaper route of do-it-yourself, tanning creams, lotions & sprays.


The majority of fake tanning products, including spray tans, have the active ingredient Di-hydroxyacetone (DHA). This ingredient combines with the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to darken them, then as your dead skin cells naturally slough off, the tan appears to naturally fade. Although considered safe, some health professionals also believe that DHA can be contaminated with Lead, Arsenic and Mercury.

Synthetic fragrances (Perfumes) play a huge part in fake tanners and they are necessary, otherwise they would have an unpleasant smell. These fragrances contain Parabens and Petrochemicals, which are a cause for concern. Like most sun creams their are toxic ingredients, we should be aware of.

The best products to look out for, would be organic so you are not taking anything that would harm your health in any way.

So what we know is that, Solarium’s are unsafe to use and harmful to our health …..If you are looking to get a fake tan, it seems like the Organic products are the way to go… What are your thoughts ?

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