Hair Treatments for healthy hair.


If you have brittle and damaged hair, a deep-conditioning hair mask can be your hero product, particularly if you seek to promote hair growth and repair split ends….These intensive treatments, really save the day by penetrating the hair follicles with proteins, vitamins, and oils, which work to hydrate and restructure your hair…. There is a good product on the market which I use and that is:…… Moroccan Oil it revitalises and restructures brittle hair that’s been damaged by consistent colouring and heat-styling. This nourishing hair mask formula works to increase the elasticity of your hair and strengthen it from the inside out with the inclusion of Keratin, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter….With regular use of this high-performance hair mask, your internal hair structure will be strengthened.

Elizavecca CER100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment 100ml hair treatment before and after hair pack before and after hair mask, Limited Edition, 3.3 Fl Oz (BizAU_121)


Choose an organic shampoo

Looking for a shampoo to help restore and revive dry and damaged hair? I have started using Organic Shampoo’s and Conditioners, the organic products don’t strip the hair of natural oils…….Choosing organic means choosing a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Hair Growth | Thickening Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment | Regrowth Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry Normal Oily & Color Treated Hair



Another great shampoo to use is;- The Moroccan Moisture Repair Shampoo, it is a super-rich and restorative, colour-safe shampoo that brings life back to dull and damaged hair……. Packed with Argan Oil and Keratin, this formula intensively moisturises and strengthens dry brittle hair, free from Sulphates, this colour safe shampoo gently cleanses without stripping and fading. Moisture Repair Shampoo will work for every hair type, but is particularly great for thick, rough, and significantly damaged hair in need of extra nourishment.

Look out for Shampoo’s that do not contain Sulphates or harsh cleansing agents which can irritate the scalp and cause colour loss (if you colour your hair) and dryness…..

MAJESTIC PURE Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Avocado Coconut Conditioner Set – Restores Shine & Reduces Itchy Scalp, Dandruff & Frizz – Sulfate Free, for All Hair Types, Men and Women – 2 x 16 fl oz



Applying Argan oil to the hair can make it look healthier by preventing frizz and split ends….. It can make the hair look shinier and eliminate limp tresses by hydrating the roots and strengthening the hair, making your hair more manageable. Argan Oil helps keep hair super-smooth, easy to detangle, and full of shine. provides It has a high dose of fatty acids that can make brittle hair stronger and improve the protein structures without adding a sticky, oily component to the hair.

Argan Oil Organic, Virgin, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed Argon Oil Serum For Hair Stimulate Growth for Dry and Damaged Hair. Argan Oil for Skin Body Moisturizer. Nails Protector 4 oz


cold water for final rinse

After shampooing/washing hair in warm water, always use cold water for the final rinse, it closes the follicles, so that when you dry/blow-wave hair it will not stretch and break the hair.

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology, Purple


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    1. Hi Segunda, Yes that’s right… the more moisture you put in your hair the healthier it will be.
      Argan Oil seems to one of the best products to use, to stop your hair from drying out.
      If you must use your straighteners, then try to use on a lower setting, so as not to burn the hair too much and like you mentioned, its probably best to use them as less as possible. If your encounter split ends, its always best to get your hair trimmed, than try to smooth them over with the flat irons. Tina.


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