Defining Beauty.

What is your idea of beauty? That is a complicated question, and everybody has their own version of it. Someone says, it is an inner world treatment, to other people and nature; others say, it is an attractive appearance and lovely cover.

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Some common topics are:-

  • What does it mean to be beautiful?
  • Image of ideal beauty.
  • Beauty in the modern world.
  • Concept of beauty.
  • Deceptive beauty.

Beauty is described as: “the quality or combination of qualities in a person or object that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.” In other words, everyone can see the beauty in everything. The uniqueness in someone’s body or face doesn’t just have to be.

Wilhelmina: Defining Beauty

Makeup is a tool that helps to correct some flaw on the face and to look fresher. There is also another definition of beauty of nature — it is sincerity, first of all. When you are not ashamed of how you look, you make yourself your own. When it does not depend on makeup and clothes. The beauty of nature is about doing something with all heart, working with your body and improving your personality…..Inner beauty is an essential quality in a person. All the actions that we do in life, mainly come from the inside. It depends on our inside world, values of life and moral qualities. It is a harmony that a person should feel from inside.


True beauty comes from the heart. Nobody commands us what to do, we realize it, and we are sure that all we are doing is correct and right. We can say it is a sign of a good upbringing since childhood. True beauty is honesty and responsibility. When you are not ashamed of your actions.

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