Tattoos gone wrong.

What is a tattoo ? Quite simply it is a puncture of the skin filled with ink.. Tattoos are very popular these days and precautions need to be taken before having a tattoo.

If your Tattoo Artist does not clean their equipment regularly , you can end up with an infection, the skin turns red and swollen and can develop pus, which will need to be drained, you may need Antibiotics to clear it up.

keloids may develop, which is scar tissue under the skin, they are more likely to develop on dark skin. If the needles are not sterilized properly you could end up with blood borne diseases, such as:- Hepatitis B or C, Tetanus and HIV.

Tattoos and your Skin

So before thinking about getting a tattoo, make sure that the Tattoo Artist you go to is reputable and has a good history of their work. If you are not happy with your tattoo or years later you decide you want to remove it….It can be removed by Laser treatment…Laser treatment has got better, but it is not perfect and may leave your skin a bit lighter, if your skin is pale that’s great, but generally it would affect people with dark skin.…

Years ago it was only guys that you would see with a tattoo, but today lots of women are seen with tattoos and some of them go beyond your imagination. Tattoos are not my cup of tea, but its up to every individual and remember if you have a permanent tattoo, it cannot be removed without having a series of laser treatments, which will be painful.

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So the moral of the story is to have a good think about it and seek out and investigate the right Tattoo Artist that has good standard of service.



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