Kids Education.


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The first five years of life are the most critical for building the foundations for life-long learning, well-being, and health, and it is critical we have policy reform and investment in quality early childhood education.


The science of early development, has clearly established the first five years of life as the most critical for building the foundations for life-long learning, well-being and health….. READING HEAD START…>

Main purpose of Education are :-

  • Education exposes children to new ideas and helps them to make a path to a career.
  • The goal of children education is to develops skills, the spirit of competition and enhances personality development.
  • Education decides a child’s behaviour, how he/she faces obstacles and challenges, aspirations, intro-spections, and learning to achieve success.
  • Research demonstrates the important role of high-quality early childhood learning experiences on children’s development, particularly in the very early years and especially for disadvantaged children who are more likely to be developmentally vulnerable in language and cognitive skills when they enter school.
  • Early childhood education programs are most effective when they are play-based and developmentally appropriate.


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