Long Hairstyle trap “V” Short hair.

Does your hair define you or do you define your hair? Are you scared of having your hair cut, because you think you might regret it? I know I have been in that situation, so I started to cut my hair bit by bit over time, so I eased into the process….. The gradual approach means to avoid anything radical and to cut the hair in steps, getting used to a medium look, then going shorter and shorter until you found what you are really happy with.

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Long Hair a woman’ crowning glory

There are some chic hairstyles which are much shorter, much lighter, much cooler and much easier to take care of, than what you are dealing with now! …..getting out of the trap takes a few steps and some inner work on your part, but it is a challenge that can be overcome…..Perhaps you could check out some shorter hair style images, you need the courage to take the steps and really make your fantasy come true.

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Red legs in Soho.: Long hair on older women.
long hairstyle for older women

Who says a change of hairstyle cannot be life-changing?
When you start receiving all the compliments, it will increase your sparkle and confidence to start matching your outfits to your hairstyle…..and you will feel a new you.
It’s also generally accepted that most men and women prefer longer hair on women, in the long run, it depends on what makes you feel good.

It has been said, long hair is a woman’s crowning glory…..but fashion is changing all the time, so are the haircuts/styles.

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Why women sometimes go for a shorter hairstyle ?
Short hair

Women will go for shorter looks to feel younger and sassier, to emulate celebrity looks they find appealing, and to have a style that’s easy to wear and easy to care for.. …..Research shows that often a woman will make a dramatic change in her appearance after a relationship ends….. the woman may feel a desire to make a change from what she’s been accustomed to, in an effort to symbolically start a fresh change and the way she presents herself, the way a woman wears her hair, may be a reflection of preferences expressed by the boyfriend or husband.

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Long Hairstyles For Older Women - Stylendesigns
long hair at any age.

When it comes to hairstyles and age, the strict rules like “no long hair after 40” are outdated ideas. Today age is looked at in a different way. Women are independent, stylish and confident; they are changing conventions and how we look at aging and the fashions of our lives.

Boost your confidence

Getting a new look can be empowering and can boost confidence and help a woman feel better about herself in general.

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