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Women’s hairstyles have changed throughout the ages. Get inspired with women’s hairstyles from the postwar through to the 1960s and today.

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Thinking about different periods in history and their very different women’s hairstyles is a great way to think about the way women’s hairstyles have evolved. But most importantly, different hairstyles through the ages are an excellent source of inspiration for hairstyle fashion in the present. It’s really worth thinking about different periods in history and the way they can be characterized by different women’s hairstyles………But also, taking a trip through hairstyle history is a great way to find inspiration for the present.

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Many hairstyle fashions are reincarnations of classic styles of the past— the bob is a well known example and so is pretty much any retro vintage hair worn by Dita Von Teese….Some say the bob (thanks also to Vidal Sassoon) has since become a truly classic hairstyle.

The 1960s have a special place in our hearts. It takes us back to a time of hippies and flower pants and excellent hairstyles. They’re unique, beautiful and coming back in style faster than we can type the words!

Today’s new look/colour

Lavender hair is decidedly feminine, especially as it evokes its floral counterpart. However, the recent changes in modern popular media with all the elves entering mainstream conversation, we can confidently say that lavender is a spicy hot trend..Moreover, who won’t love sassy but pretty looks? The appeal of purple as a hip color plus some soft undertones have made lavender an increasingly popular hair color option.


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.A deeper lavender hue will fit those with fairer skin, adding hints of copper or reds can balance yellow skin tones. For warmer olive tones, we recommend keeping lavender hues at the hair edges and away from the face as much as possible as the lavender shade clashes with the green tones of the skin.

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THE STYLE THAT’S HALF UP/HALF DOWN WILL ALWAYS BE POPULAR. Great for any occasion , especially if you are having a special occasion happening.

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