Gardening for fun and Relaxation.

Do you love gardening ? its more fun when the weather is warm and sunny , than on those cold days……Did you know that gardening is also good for depression & anxiety. The physical element of gardening improves your physical health (which in turn improves mental health), and releases mood-enhancing endorphins. Exercise is a common recommendation to combat depression, and gardening can be a substitute for a trip to the gym. Gardening is great for a number of reasons, besides enjoying the garden……Here are just a few…

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    • It promotes exercise…… While gardening can be largely enjoyable, it is also a great way to exercise. …
    • Reduces time on technology. In today’s day and age, with the constant bombardment of technology, …
    • Encourages healthy eating. Gardening encourages healthy eating as individuals who grow their own …
    • Increases mood and decreases stress. Gardening is proven to be significantly beneficial for the mind.

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In one study, subjects were asked to perform a stressful task and then asked to either perform 30 minutes of gardening in their allotment gardens or 30 minutes of reading.

While both groups experienced a decrease in stress, the gardeners experienced a significantly greater decline in stress (as measured by salivary cortisol, a stress hormone), as well as a full restoration of positive mood; the readers actually experienced a further decline in mood.

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  • Gardening is definately beneficial for your mental state.
gardening & health benefits
    1. Looking after plants gives us a sense of responsibility.
    2. Gardening allows us all to be nurturers. It doesn’t matter if we are seven or seventy, male or female , we can all enjoy that nurturing feeling.
    3. Gardening keeps us connected to other living things. Gardening can act as a gentle reminder to us …
    4. Gardening helps us relax and let go………  Ever wondered why people do gardening in prisons, nursing homes, and hospitals? It is because gardening is very effective for maintaining good mental health. ….Get out there now and start that relaxing/satisfying hobby, you will feel the benefits !

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