Cooking For Fun and Creativity.

I REALIZED HOW MUCH I LOVED COOKING WHEN I DID COOKERY CLASSES AT SCHOOL AT THE AGE OF ELEVEN. I USED TO BRING HOME CASSEROLE’S, BREAD, DONUTS AND LOTS OF DIFFERENT DISHES……..It plays a vital role in the development of social interactions and social relationships. I find food to be sacred and the process of making food to be awakening and insightful.

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create your own meals

Although I am not professionally trained, cooking has become a joyful passion.The process of making food has taught me to be mindful, embrace creativity, and push for mastery. The cooking process for me is the clearest example of how we develop widely applicable skills while doing something we love. I think cooking not only develops our learning agility, but it also builds analytical skills and mathematical thinking. Among all the skills we acquire in the process of cooking, I think creativity and innovation are the most powerful.

Use ingredients, you have not used before

I am always amazed to see how people with the same ingredients can create different, unique, and delicious creations. This capacity for learning can become a competitive advantage for individuals and companies as it helps challenge the status-quo and current processes to find new and exciting ways of doing things.

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Our hobbies and interests can really teach us leadership skills in new ways. In my experience, when I have been trying to solve a problem for a while and I have not succeeded, or when I need to get into a creative space to develop a leadership program, I cook. Cooking helps my mind disconnect from the vicious thinking loop and gives me the space to find new approaches to solve the problem from a different perspective.


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Cooking can be so much fun

I have come to believe that whether we like to cook or not, these same principles apply to just about anything else we undertake. It’s about the awareness we experience, the devotion we apply, and as a result, how we create. Happy cooking — whatever you may be cooking up!

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